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This snow removal Calculator is here to help you find out how much it will cost to have snow removal done on a seasonal contract. The season runs from November 15th – April 30th. If you would like more information about our snow removal services. We service Milton, Acton, Rockwood, Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge and surrounding areas.

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De-Icing Service

We use de-icing agents, such as magnesium chloride or calcium chloride that is safe for the surface being de-iced and does not cause problems such as corrosion later. We apply anti-icing methods in anticipation of snow storms to prevent the adhesion of ice onto a surface and to make complete removal easier later. Our services are environmentally-friendly, and we can use organic compounds, purely or by mixing with conventional salts, to remove snow as per wishes of clients.

Liability Insurance For Your piece of mind

We cover all our residential and commerical properties with insurance. Have a piece of mind knowing that we will cover any accidental damage or slip and falls.

You can specifically inquire about our environmentally-safe practices using the online form to the right. We have a fleet of high-quality commercial grade snow plows, pushers, kid steers, front-end loaders and other equipment to de-ice commercial or contiguous properties. We are experts in removing and preventing ice dams on roof shingles. Incorrect snow removal can result in snow or icicles collapsing, leading to irreversible physical or property damage. Using our professional services will prevent such mishaps.
Our snow removal personnel are highly professional and skilled in de-icing residential and commercial properties. We maintain high standards for professional conduct and services rendered. We guarantee happy customers.

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